About Me

Hi! My name is Ben Sumner.

I’m a Visual Effects artist, and general Tech Enthusiast.

I currently live in a small rural town of Ohio where I was raised. I’ve previously lived in Florida and California for college and my career respectively.

Speaking of that, I went to college at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida, graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Animation with a focus on Visual Effects. Since then I moved to Southern California and worked for 3 years in the visual effects industry on some notable projects (more on that here). I have since moved back to my hometown in Ohio, and am continuing Visual Effects work in a much more enjoyable environment (I’m a country boy at heart, can’t change that).

My passions thus far seem to be mostly visual effects oriented. I love making my own tools for a job, and I love creating complete workflows from scratch to accomplish unique challenges.  I love things like fractal art, feedback loops, and things like that. It’s fun to create a simple system and see what crazy outcomes you can get with just a simple tweak of the initial parameters (look through my gallery if you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about.)

I enjoy playing many different musical instruments, though I’ll not claim to be a master at any of them.  Perhaps I’ll post some of my music here.

I enjoy gaming but have largely been disconnecting from that world recently. I’m not honestly sure why that is, but I love sandbox games, and adventure games or anything story driven. A quick glimps of my favorites would be Ocarina of Time, Garry’s Mod, and Kerbal Space Program. I grew up in the N64 era. I will kick your ass at Mario Kart 64 }:)

I seem to be the media guy for most everyone I know. So on my more technical side of things, you can expect to see many posts in regards to setting up media servers and stuff to that extent.

Lastly, like I said, I am a country boy at heart. This is especially true when I am at home. I love my family. They are talented beekepers, gardeners, woodworkers, welders, mechanics, artists, and musicians and so much more.  I strive to pick up as many of those skills as I can.

Oh, also. I get people asking frequently what the heck my online name of “WACOMalt” came from. It’s Pronounced Whacko-Malt, but “Waycoh-malt” is fine too. Basically, years ago (I think I was 14 or 15), I figured I needed a new name online. I couldn’t think of a good one, So I decided just to go with the two things closest to me at the time. The closest objects were a chocolate malt from steak-n-shake and a Graphire 3 Wacom Tablet.  Wacom+Malt = WACOMalt.  Taa-daa!

Well now, I hope I haven’t bored you.  And I hope to make this page enjoyable, or at the least, useful.



Want to donate to me to help continue my training videos? The preferred method of donations is Bitcoins. If you’d prefer paypal, that’s fine too. Check the sidebar on the right for my donation info. Thanks so much!

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